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Welcome to Wallflower Vintage!

... Start with maybe a classic 50's skirt over leggings, top it with your sweetest silk cami...
Or a delicious 50s gown to knock em dead at the club...
Maybe you need a light cotton 60s day dress as beach-wear? Perfect!

- the live-it-up flapper 20s! Gawd what fun!
- the oh-so frugal 30s and 40s - pinching pennies, flour sack clothes? Comfort a necessity.
- the post-war sprawling 50s ( -now we're gonna live!) Try... extravagant!
- the factory-made hippy and the disco of the 70's ! on into the big-hair 80s.

Way different times, but vintage styles are hot today - fresh! - not to mention great quality,
and care for fine detail.

Mix it up! -- or just wear it, with maybe just a touch of today. - that'll do.

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Early 1960s Chiffon Little Black Dress 1960s Black wool dress


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