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Early 1960s Chiffon Little Black Dress

We're no longer simply The Dress Shop - vintage has joined us to stay... a few classic skirts here; a delicious 50s gown or wedding dress; maybe a snappy 60s dress to go with some saddle-shoes - we LOVE the gorgeous rich character, and cool classic vintage styles! Vintage is FUN! (Of course, it's a natural evolution for us, considering the years we've spent grazing at the Sally Ann...)

Check these pieces out! They're amazing! The wonderful character of these different eras - the live-it-up flapper 20s! the oh-so frugal 30s and 40s - pinching pennies, making clothes out of flour sacks! the post-war sprawling 50s (ok, the war's over - now we're gonna live!), on up to the factory-made-hippy and disco of the 70's and into the big-hair 80s. We love it! Vintage is a gas!

Different times - way different! Vintage clothing brings back the high style, and such flair, and of course, great quality and care for beautiful detail.

Look at this, this stuff from those different times is incredible! Just think about it - imagine yourself in these pieces and think about what it felt like to live with this kind of style, or with that kind of class, or with that kind of hard, or simple, living! You know there's really nothing quite like these pieces these days!

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Thanks for coming in!